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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

Every month I ask a question of the audience, and you chime in. This month I ask THE question that everyone wants to know. In January we talked about Grow your downloads 15 minutes a day (episode 812). In June of last year I gave you 30 Strategies to Grow Your Audience. (Episode 727)

In this episode I get to hear YOUR ideas, and share some "outside the box" ideas I found on Facebook. 

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Mentioned in This Episode

Linq "Smart Business Card" and "linktree" type service with stats. (here is an example -

Ingles Podcast - Promo


Brandon from Start 100K

Scott from What Was That Like?

Kim from The Pharmacist's Voice

Mark from the History of North America

Heater from Watching Netflix Without You

Spencer from The Recovery Show

Shane from the Tourpreneur Show

Jedrzej from the Content Machine

Fred from the Podcast Reporter

Joe from the 222 Paranormal Podcast

Dad from the Dad Joke King Podcast

Question of the Month

I need your answer by 3/25/22

We love podcasting, but there are peaks and valleys. What keeps you going when your podcast isn't growing? Be sure to mention your website and a little bit about your show.

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