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School of Podcasting

Mar 17, 2008

Show #129 originating from

Today we get the answers from last week's poll about USB interfaces and using Audacity.

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Jay from creator of Cloak and Tracker

75% use a USB interface
75% use Audacity.

Most feel Audacity is stable, and people using USB microphones seemed to lve them while people using USB interfaces seem to find them a bit of a hassle (especially if this is on your main unit).

Items mentioned:

Blue Snowball USB mic $99
Samson CO1 USB Mic $90
Alesis MultiMix 8 USB Mixer $149
Alesis Podcast Mic (comes with mic, heaphones, software) $99
Behringer UCA202 USB Interface (connect from your mixers tape out) $30
Zoom H2 Portable Recorder $199
Behringer USB Podcast Kit (includes mic, headphones, mixer, usb interface, software) $100
Rode Dynamic USB Podcaster Mic $230

Rich Harrington and Mike Weiser authors of the book "Producing Video Podcasts." Buy it at

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