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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

Every Facebook has the question, "where should I host my podcast" about six times a day and every response gets about 17 replies. I realize that question is sometimes confused by the different features, and business plans so this episode is here to help you understand podcast hosting companies.

Sponsor: Novel Marketing Podcast

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I need your answer by 9/24/21. The question is "What was the last thing you shared and why?" Be sure to mention the name of your show, the website and a little bit about your show. 

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IAB Guidelines

Full Show Notes


01:52  Question of the Month
02:28  Novel Marketing
03:46  Does One Media Host Deliver More Downloads?
08:58  IAB Statistics
10:37  Are IAB Stats Important?
12:22  Will Switching Hosts Bring More Downloads?
13:12  Storage
14:14  Downloads
15:22  What Kindof Stats?
16:23  Demographic Data?
17:08  Podcast Website
18:28  Private Podcasts
18:57  Dynamic Ad Insertion
20:47  Support
21:32  Transcripts
21:54  Audiograms
22:24  Media Hosting Business Models
22:40  Free Media Hosts
24:42  Why Free Media Hosts Fail
25:26  Limited Uploads - Unlimited Downloads
26:16  Unlimited Uploaded - Limited/Pricier Downloads
27:16  Unlimited Everything
27:42  Opinion My Criteria
31:18  Join the School of Podcasting
31:58  How to Choose?
35:07  Opinion on Transcripts
36:48  Opinion Audiograms
38:36  Opinion on
42:00  Opinion on I Can't Afford It
42:31  Opinion- Busines Models
45:37  Opinion - All Things Unlimited
47:08  Facebook is Useless
49:17  Opinion: WordPress Feeds
51:53  be Careful Switching Hosts