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May 21, 2018

Today I talk with Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies. I've known Harry for quite some time (hear my interview on his show). He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. I love to be around people who make me laugh. At last years Podfest, myself Harry, Michael Oneil, and Natalie Jenkins had a blast. Throw in Dr. Ryan Gray and Jennifer Briney, and Master Kuldrin, and you've got memories to last a lifetime. I started listening to Podcast Junkies thinking it was going to be yet another  "Podcast About Podcasting" but Harry is Different. He talks a little about the guests' show and then peels down the layers to find their best stories.

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The First Ever School of Podcasting LIGHTNING ROUND

4:10 I'm going to play questions from Harry interview with Travis Chappel and you figure out what do all these questions do?

Behind the Scenes of a how the lead Podcast Junky Harry Duran Performs an Interview


I interviewed Harry a few months ago, but I hadn't cracked the code. I kept asking myself, "Why do I listen to Harry's show?" Here are some reasons

  • I know most of his guests (and learn things about them I didn't know)
  • He always asks the questions I would ask
  • He gets great stories out of his guests.

So then I wanted to know HOW does Harry do this? How does he shape his show? So I was listening to Harry interview Travis Chappell. Now I don't know Travis, but I still listened to the whole interview. So again, I reversed engineered it. I went about halfway through the episode and shifted my focus from Travis to Harry. Then the light bulb came on. It's not really earth-shattering, but Harry asked questions that left the door WIDE OPEN for a story. He also LISTENS and asks great follow up questions.

One great example, the first question to Travis was, to sum up, his podcast experience in three words. Travis answered, "Amazing, Hard, Unexpected." To this Harry then asked him to dig in deeper into what is hard. It's not rocket science. But losing weight is simple as well. You eat less and exercise more. Simple it is. Easy it is not, and doing interviews is very similar. It's simple but not easy. Today we find out

  • How he selected his guests
  • How he prepares for the interview
  • How he chooses his next question
  • As a podcaster and listener, what are some of the common mistakes podcaster make?
  • How nervous he was interviewing Marc Maron's producer
  • How the same "recipe" for good content is the same recipe he used to launch Fullcast his podcast production company
  • His philosophy on handling guests
  • Behind the scenes of his retention hashtag
  • Why he now outsources his editing
  • His history of making a six-figure income in the "corporate world" and why he left.
  • What are the common mistakes podcasters make?

You can check out Harry's show Podcast Junkies at and his production company at


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