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Jan 12, 2015

Want to get better guests, want to grow your audience? Today's guest Joel Boggess has two words for you to get you going in the right direction.

New Media Expo Coupon

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CBS Launches

CBS launched a website to promote all of their content that they are providing as a podcast. The more main stream media starts to embrace podcasting, the more listeners will get comfortable consuming podcasts. That increases the chances of you being found.

Creative Commons Licensing

I am under the thought that any kind of exposure is good exposure. With this in mind, the only restriction I have is you can sell my podcast or materials to other people. You can quote me, etc (the "normal" stuff) but I go with a common sense kind of strategy. That works fine for me, if you are worried about people using your content you may want to investigate Creative Common Licensing. For more information go to Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Joel Boggess of Relaunch Show Interview

I was introduced I was on the Relaunch Show a while and back and had the pleasure of meeting Joel and his wife Pei. I also saw a post that Joel ahd put in a Facebook group showing some pretty impressive numbers. I asked him to come on the show, and he shared some great insights. Approach people when they have something to promote (they will be in "promotion mode" and be looking to get the word out). It may take more than one attempt to get our guest to say yes. (Joel asked someone every day for a full year to get to a "yes"). Joel shares how he almost died at an early age, and this experience has given him the strength to overcome his obstacles How do you get good guests? Joel's advice is ASK. You do need to be diligent. How do you grow your audience? By producing consistent content on a consistent schedule. Joel makes it super easy to promote you appearance on his show. Here is the email I got from his assistant. email_from_joel Clarity + Confidence = Direction (Read more about this in his book). Goal's word for the year is engagement.   Check out Joel's Book Finding Your Voice. Check out his podcast at Check out his community of Ninja Podcasters.  

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