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Jan 8, 2018

Every 100 episodes, I break my format. Today I completely broke it and decided to try something I've heard others do and that is an "Ask Me Anything" episode. It was hard as people sent in some questions that were very hard. If you're a new listener looking for podcast help - this is not the episode for you, please go listen to any of the other episodes (Except episode 400, and 500).

Here are the questions:

00:38 A Quick Look Back

2:06 Binky and the Whiz

03:10 Craig from Ingles podcast and Kim From want to know where I would travel too if money was not an issue.

06:16 Zack from Rasing Rents (pa Rents that is) want to know if I have Any Regrets in Life?

8:38 How Do I Win At Slot Machines? - Easy go to (I told Jon to Send this in so I could Plug his show).

09:21 Bobby from Live Nude Puppets wants to know if I believe in Bigfoot, If I have a Favorite Old Testament Character and my thoughts on a handmade guitar pick

13:25 Worst and First Concerts I've attended from Jason Bryant from Mat Talk Online (college wrestling shows)

17:56 Lee From the Covert Nerd Podcast wants to know what video games I played back in the day

20:31 Chris Hache (Noshing Nova Scotians) if I could put a billboard anywhere in the world, where would you put it, and what would it say?

22:14 Dave Got Shot at, at Point Blank Rank and Lived. Scott From the Computer Tutor Show (great computer tips) and Ron want the details.

31:04 Johnathon from Weekly Awesome wants to know if my childhood fueled a passion for podcasting?

34:32 Brad from the Cinema Guys wants to know my top three movies and bottom three?

37:47 Marc from the Talk Star Wars Toybox Daily Show wants to know if I have any Star Wars collectibles?

38:55 Win from Butterflies of Wisdom wants to know the Origins of Bernie the Cat and How I ended up with him?

42:48 Binky wants to know what its like to whack your cat.

43:47 The Ghost of Bernie

44:05 Darren from wants to know about my Favorite High School Moment.

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