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Mar 25, 2019

What is Your Crutch Word - How Did You Get Rid of It?

Crutch words are we words we use when our brain can't come up with something to say. They are used to fill up silence that some feel is awkward. We all have them, and they are only an issue when they are used so much that it becomes distracting/annoying. Please realize that never having a crutch word may be impossible. Often we don't even hear them. So we have to start with identifying that we have a crutch word. When I asked you about your crutch words, here are the ones you are trying to avoid:

Craig from Ingles Podcast is "So" and has lots of examples of what to avoid.

Brad from The Cinema Guys podcast is "Like" as well as "So Anway..."

Brenda from the My Tech Toolbelt Podcast "Is a Big Fan of..." as well as "Right"

Darwin Dave from the Dealing with My Grief podcast "So"

Tim From the He Said She Said Movie Reviews Podcast

Arnie at the Football History Dude Podcast says "Dude..."

Nina from Farm Food Health has lots of ums...

Mark from the Resourceful Designer and Podcast Branding had a listener let him know he was saying Basically a ton.

Mel From Beer with an Engineer has lots of ums, and so.... but turned it into a drinking game.

Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk and Podcast Help Desk News crutch words is "Anyway...." and he's just been pausing instead.

Stephanie from the Expat Rewind has "soooo many..."

Lee from This is Rammy finds himself saying "Obviously"

Win from Ask Win finds herself saying "Like"

Kim Krajci from Toastmasters 101 has some tips on how to avoid crutch words.

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How To Get Rid of Crutch Words

  1. Identify them
  2. Monitor your use of them
  3. Practice NOT Using them. This may include getting use to silence (that you can edit out)
  4. Try to figure out what is going on when you use it. Try to determine why you chose to use that word at that time.

Next Month's Question:

Are you paying for any part of your podcast process? If so how much, and on what? (not so much who you are using).

I need your answers by 4/27/19 see my contact page for more information (you can upload pre-recorded files)

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