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Oct 5, 2020

School of Podcasting Win Best Technology Podcast People's Choice Podcast Award

I am thrilled and humbled to be named the winner of People's Choice Podcast Award for best Technology podcasts (beating out seven other podcasts). Thanks to Todd Cochrane and everyone at for all you do and thank YOU for voting for me.

I had one this award back in 2017, and now I will have an awesome set of bookend for my bookcase. 


Profit From Your Podcast Is Now Available

I spent months researching podcasters who are making money with their podcasts and assembled all the insights and strategies for you to follow. I announced that I was available for speaking on different podcasts, and I was lucky enough to have listeners who felt I would be a good fit for their show (I'm still available if you think I'm a good fit). By appearing on these different shows, the book was rated the #1 New Release in the blogging category. I was honored to be on the following shows, and look forward to appearing on yours. 

06:02 I appeared with Ross Brand of Live Stream Universe on his Streamyard Connect Podcast which will be replaced in the future.

08:21 I appeared on Episode 360 the Jeff Sander 5 AM Miracle show.  I mention Jeff in the book on how Jeff won't take sponsors that he wouldn't use, and how you really need to guard your integrity as a podcaster. Jeff has appeared on this show back in show 603 in Getting Focused

12:11 I appeared on the "I Could Never Do That" podcast with Carrie Barret who is a podcast producer and talks about overcoming fears. We talk about how to find sponsors.

18:45 I appeared on Dealcster with Jeff and Chris. This was on Amazon Live so in addition to affiliate marketing we talked about Amazon getting into the podcasting space. 

23:34  I will be appearing the For the Love of Podcasting show with Billy Samoa Saleebey talking about you need to look at negative feedback as an opportunity to improve. 

What To Do With the "Wrong Audience"

In the book Profit From Your Podcast I talk about Daniel J. Lewis who designed websites for people. His show "The Audacity to Podcast" attracted people looking for information about the free software titled "Audacity." This was not who Daniel wanted to attract. What did he do? Instead of trying to talk them into a product they didn't want (a website) he listened to what they wanted, and then gave it to them. 

He creates products like an SEO for Podcasters Course, My Podcast Reviews (to track reviews in Apple, Stitcher, and others) as well as the Subscribe and Follow Plugin. He recently added a "Love this Podcast" feature to My Podcast Reviews that provides one link to provide to your audience and helps them get to the right directories/apps for their device. 

You can test this by going to Sign up for My Podcast Reviews at

Table of Contents

06:02 Dave with Ross Brand
08:21 Dave with Jeff Sanders
12:11 Dave with Carie Barrett
17:15 Join the School of Podcasting
18:45 Dave on Dealcasters
23:34 Dave on For the Love of Podcasting
26:11 What To Do With the "Wrong" Audience
31:41 Because of My Podcast: Ross Brand

Mentioned In This Episode

The 5 AM Miracle Book by Jeff Sanders also available on Audible

Profit From Your Podcast: Turn Your Listeners Into Livelihood

My Podcast Reviews

Subscribe and Follow Plugin

SEO for Podcasters Course,

Zita Christian from Ritual Recipes

David Hooper of Big Podcast

Join the School of Podcasting

Check out the Love The Podcast Link and subscribe to the show.

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