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Apr 10, 2017

Podcasting in the Media: Teen Titans

I want to thank Caine Door of the Adventure Frequency for letting me know that: "In the newly released animated film: Teen Titans the Judas contract (Warner Brothers) Kevin Smith is in the movie as himself interviewing a member of the team on his podcast and it's good.

He's a known fanboy so he has great questions and brings some levity to the end of the movie after the big final battle scene.

I think it says something that they make time for podcasting in the movie."

This is just another example of podcasting being more and more mainstream. Thanks to Caine for the heads up.

Thress Years Into Podcasting, She's Not Where She Thought's She's Be, She's in an Event Better Place

Natalie Echdahl Almost Quit Podcasting - She's Glad She Didn't

Natalie Eckdahl, MBA, is a business coach, professional facilitator, keynote speaker and the host of the Biz Chix Podcast which iTunes featured as a top New Business Podcast in March 2014. Three years ago she went to social media marketing world, she joined John Lee Dumas' Podcaster's Paradise and started following "the formula" that everyone at the time did. However, it didn't reap the results that she expected. At one point Natalie launched a mastermind group, and not a single listener signed up. As she unfolds her story today, you will hear how Natalie handles disappointments and turns them into learning experiences. You will learn:

I love Natalie's opening. In less than a minute you understand what the show is about, where it's going, and who it's for. My guess is she used Music Radio Creative
I also love her closing call to action which uses her two young sons. It makes it memorable and makes her even more human.
When to do an interview show, and when to do a solo show
How breaking away from "podcasting best practices" had her numbers go through the roof
How to get your audience involved with your show.
The importance of timing with your podcast
Is your podcast in a Blue Ocean, or Red Ocean (see the book Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant)
Personal connections lead to her sponsorship with Aweber
How she went from being an attendee to a speaker at Social Media Marketing World
How she is promoting her show on social media
Starting a business? Work with Natalie by going to

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