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Dec 19, 2022

Creating a successful and engaging podcastpromo requires careful planning and dedication. Whether you are creating a podcast promo or radio ad, it is important to have a clear understanding of your target audience (hyper clear). By taking into consideration the message you want to convey, the format of your audio advertisement, you can craft an effective promo for your podcast that resonates with listeners. This episode Neil Hedley from Knopp Studios who has such a wide skillset (radio, tv, advertising, copywriting, comedian, and instructor of the copywriting 101 course - use coupon sop50).  Helps me understand there is no "cookie cutter recipe" for making a good podcast promo. 

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Creating a Good Podcast Promo

In talking with Neil from The Voice In My Head we discover there is no "paint by numbers" path to making a great podcast promo. There are some best practices such as:

  • Niche down until you have a crystal clear picture of your audience. 
  • The message about your show is not a one size fits all situation. If you are advertising on "Joe Rogan Experience" and the "Minister Bob" show, 
  • What is missing in most ads is they are just the facts - they are not entertaining or memorable.
  • The job of the first sentence is to get you to listen to the second sentence.
  • There is a skip ad button on YouTube, but no "play ad again."
  • People don't hate ads, they hate BAD ads. 

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Neil's Book Copywriting 101: What Was That Number Again?: Crimes Against Advertising and How to Prevent Them


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