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Dec 30, 2019

Every year I ask my audience:

1. What is their favorite podcast

2. Why is it their favorite? 

I also want to know about their podcast if they have one, and where we can find these shows. 

Time Table:

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00:01:13 Focusrite Scarlet Interfaces
00:05:00 Emily Prokop
00:07:23 Scott Johnson
00:10:59 Randy Cantrell
00:12:23 Joan Wheeler
00:14:00 Arnie Chapman
00:15:52 Clayton Allen
00:18:06 Charles McFall
00:20:57 Ed Sullivan
00:22:00 Chris Curran
00:23:43 Clay Groves
00:25:31 Donald Winn
00:27:21 Fred Castenda
00:28:58 Terry Nords
00:32:13 Daniel J Lewis
00:35:57 Kim Krajci
00:38:47 Wayne Henderson
00:42:13 Jennifer Longworth
00:43:28 Jason Bryant
00:46:39 The Rafferties
00:47:55 Seth
00:50:25 York
00:51:38 Shane Whaley
00:53:33 Veronica Hugger
00:54:52 Steve Stewart
00:57:01 Timothy Brien
00:58:20 Troy Price
01:00:04 Dave Jackson's Favorite
01:01:50 Where am I going?
01:02:43 January Question of the Month
01:04:14 Bloopers
01:05:20 Easter Egg

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