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Dec 20, 2021

Hallmark Holiday Movies get a lot of flack because they are predictable, cheesy, corny, and more or less if you've seen one - you've seen them all.  YES THERE ARE LESSONS TO BE LEARNED

Do you know why all Hallmark Movies are the same? Well, do you know why all AC/DC songs sound the same (or Chuck Berry). Ever listen to an episode of Dave Ramsey? 

They found a format that works, and consequently, they stay with it until that format doesn't work.

Why are there so many Friday the 13th movies? Because they were profitable. That goes for many movie franchises.

When you find a winning format - stick with it. Monitor how it resonates with your audience and if they love it, keep doing it. 


My cousin said, "I know what I'm getting with a Hallmark movie. I don't worry about swearing, nudity, violence, etc. It's a trustworthy holiday movie where everyone feels good when it's over. 

So Hallmark saw that the "formula" worked but they could grow their audience through diversity. They've added movies with people of color. 

As a middle-aged white guy, I never knew what it was like to see a movie or TV show and not look like the people on screen. The success of the Black Panther Movie, Blackish, Hamilton, and other forms of entertainment that had a different slant found an underserved audience. 

With this, I beg you people of color, and people of all shapes, sizes, sex, and whatever makes you - YOU. There are people who are tired of hearing about a subject from a middle-aged white guy and would love to hear about your subject from your point of view that includes your influence and heritage. 

The Missing Piece in Your Podcast Puzzle

I see people saying this like, "I've tried everything but my show isn't growing." To this I say, "Everything?" 

It turns out when I reach out to the last three people who said this NONE of them had taken the steps to get an objective view of their show.

This is like:
Wondering why your restaurant isn't growing when you never got feedback on your feed. 

Wondering why your clothing line isn't selling when you never did a focus group of your target buyer. 

If you need some help, I can give you feedback. Currently, in the School of Podcasting, this is a free service. 


II need your answer by 12/24/21. The question is "What is your favorite Podcast and why?". 

Please provide:
The name of the show
The website (if you know it - very helpful)
What the show is about

WHY YOU LIKE IT - Go as long as you want.

Be sure to tell us the name of your podcast, your website, and a little bit about your show.

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