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Sep 10, 2018

Podcast Question Of the Month

If there is a slider between 1 I LOVE PODCASTING and 10 is I HATE Podcasting, where are you? Are you feeling like a three? Seven? Lets us know and WHY you are feeling the way you are. If you want to record something and attach it be sure to put September question in the subject line and send it to dave “at” (trying to avoid spam with the spelling), or go to our Contact page for more options. I need your answer by 9/21/18

Slick Text Update


In a previous episode, I talked about testing Slick Text. This is a texting tool that creates an autoresponder. So when you text " sop " to 31996 you get an autoresponder from me with a link to my show in Apple Podcasts as well as a link to my show on Google Podcasts. I did a presentation for an "intimate" group at Podcast Midatlantic (probably 80 people) and I had five people sign up on the spot. With a month behind me, I've had 38 people sign up. You can try their free program, or upgrade to their $29 plan and save 15% off when you sign up for a paid plan using the coupon sop15.  For more information check out


What is LibsynPro is a great solution for the independent podcasters (with pricing starting at $5 per month, with the most popular plans being $15 or $20 a month). This week I spent time at Content Marketing World (an event with 4000+ attendees) where most of the clients were companies (not individuals) who were looking for enterprise solutions (and in some cases used by marketing agencies or networks). Here are some of the features of LibsynPro.

  1. You can have different levels of access for multiple users.
  2. Stats per show or for your whole NetWork
  3. A higher monthly fee and you pay for your bandwidth (see VP of Podcaster Relations at
  4. Dynamic ad insertion

Addition Podcast Configurations

You can also have a private podcast. This means you can set up a podcast for your company, add the users, and have an app created for your podcast. This also gives you the ability to see if your employees are listening to episodes, and in the event, you terminate an employee you can remove their access to any files. 

Social Media Marketing World Dumps Podcasting Due to Slow Growth


Recently Tom Webster wrote an article on Medium what podcasting needs to spur more growth. Michael Stelzner replied to the post and stated, "Great read Tom. Your data seems to backup what I have noticed over the last 6 years since I have been in podcasting. I was very excited and there was pretty nice growth about 5 or 6 years ago. Then I noticed a shift that started maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I noticed the NPR style shows coming on the scene, in force. And of course Gimlet. My first concern was that people who already listened to “other” podcasts would go over to the high production shows and slow their listening of shows “like ours.” I was concerned it would send a signal to new podcasters that “you have be like those guys if you wanna get in this space, forget about it!” I also noticed a significant number of podcasting evangelists starting to “podfade,” and no one filled the gap. I started to notice my own numbers stop growing (but still be very healthy and stay that way for years) despite my other media properties growing. I started to notice less interest in podcasting sessions at my conference, less interest in podcasting articles on my site, etc. So all the data came together and made it very clear. Podcasting was not growing. We made the strategic decision to eliminate the podcasting track from Social Media Marketing World a few months ago. So what I saw happening through my lens in my industry is also happening in the entire podcasting industry it seems. And I am not sure it’s a language issue (as you suggested towards the 52). I actually think it’s a social media issue. People spend a ton of time consuming content with audio. It’s called video. And I’m sure you have access to data that shows video consumption is way up, especially on social networks. The times, they are a changing. Just my two cents. Thoughts??"

While Michael has his opinion based on his stats this does bring up one question:

Who are the Podcast Evangelists? ( I know both Cliff Ravenscraft and John Lee Dumas pivoted their marketing to reach a wider audience) but what is a significant number of podcast evangelists?

Keep in mind, this is through Michael's Lens.podcasting was dead Which will be different than YOUR Lens. It reminds me a bit of when Leo Laporte had said Podcasting wasn't' growing, it was too hard, and that lead to people saying Leo Laporte said that podcasting was dead  ( see ). If you talk to Rob Walch, Todd Cochran or Rob Greenlee, I think they will report that podcast consumption is up (it may not be up in Michael's Niche). 


Trends in Newspapers

Trends of Radio in the Car

Insights from Podcast MidAtlantic 2018


I just came back from Podcast MidAtlantic 2018. Were around 100 podcasters got together for a few days to talk podcasting. I met some great folks who will be guests in the future. Matthew Passey did a cool presentation about promoting your show and turned me on to Blip Billboards where you can get your show on an electronic billboard for $10 a day. A blip is anywhere from 7.5 to 10 seconds on a rotating billboard. The cost depends on the locations and times you choose. Any budget is fair game.

Content Marketing Is Content Marketing

I was listening to Tim Schmoyer's Video Creator's Podcast and let me summarize some of the concepts I heard:

  • Know who your audience is.
  • Focus on making great content
  • Don't focus on the YouTube Algorithm
  • Write good titles
  • Be yourself and don't blatantly rip off other shows
  • Be consistent in quality and schedule
  • Connect/Engage with your audience
  • It takes time to build and audience

I've been investigating the Twitch video platform so I listened to a few Twitch podcasts and heard

  • Know who your audience is
  • Focus on making a good show
  • Follower counts don't matter
  • Don't do spammy "follow for follow" exchanges
  • Be Yourself and don't rip off other shows.
  • Be consistent in quality and schedule
  • It Takes Time

Sadly almost all of the Twitch podcasters are using horrible media hosts like Soundcloud and Anchor

When I was at Podcast Midatlantic I heard similar themes

  • Know who your audience is
  • Focus on making a good show
  • Reviews don't move you up the charts
  • Don't do spammy review swaps
  • Be Yourself and don't rip off other shows.
  • Be consistent in quality and schedule
  • It Takes Time

Combining Logic with Emotions In Your Podcast


Words are fun. Picking the right words can trigger emotions in your audience. When you combine logic with emotions, it may inspire your audience to tell their friends. Today I play with words to show how different words can trigger more emotions. 

If you get emotional, your audience LIKES YOU and give you grief. See this video of Vince Gill singing at the funeral of George Jones. At the end, the audience (lead by Garth Brooks) stands to show their support as Vince starts to slowly lose the ability to sing. Watch the video and see how you feel at the end of the song. 

Notice the audience was rooting for him, so if you share something personal your audience is pulling for you. 

Keep in mind, the Internet writes in Ink. While you have freedom of speech, you do not have freedom of consequences. Sometimes we say things when we are emotional that can get us in trouble ( so it's a fine dance). Here are some examples:

What is more likely to trigger your audience? The phrase, "the 44th President of the United States," or the phrase "Barack Obama" or even more, "The First Black President."

What is better, "A Unique Situation" or "You're not going to believe this." Another example is "A Historic book," or "Based on a true story?"

Don't forget to use images on your show notes as those can trigger emotions as well.


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