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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

May 9, 2016

In this episode we are joined by Lawyer Gordon Firemark who produces multiple podcasts that include, Entertainment Industry Insights, Entertainment Law Update, and  The Law Podcasting as well as his own course that teachers lawyers how to podcast at

He is the author of the book The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide: An essential resource for content creators (amazon) or if you want the pdf of the book go to

Today we talk about:

How Gordon got into entertainment law

How to register a trademark. How a trademark is your brand. Here is the US Patent and Trademark Office Website

Understanding Copyright

When is it OK to play music in your podcast?

How do you avoid being sued for slander?

Fair Use (Gordan has a great video about this on YouTube)

Tips on Negotiating contacts

Dave explains how he got fined for using an image from (so yes, you can get busted)

How to avoid "Defaming" someone.

Release forms. is a free example (email address required).

How he found his co-host.

How lawyers are using podcasting to get more clients.

Affiliate links. dmca agent

Gordon (like Dave) recommends the Audio Technica 2100  microphone


Because of My Podcast

Dave Hooper of Red Podcast- I am Much Smoother on the Microphone when I'm doing promos for my radio show

Ryan K park of was much more confident when he appeared on the local news


Question For the Audience

I've heard about Manage WP and CMS Commander, InfiniteWP WPRemote, iContrlWP,  iThemes Syncbut I've never used any. If you have any insights I would love to hear them. If you have any insights that would allow you to update multiple sites from one location (and I'm not looking to get into WordPress Multi-site ).

Free Podcasting Puzzle Webinars

The  Ultimate Podcasting 101 Live Webinar

I will be holding three webinars as we prepare for registration to open at the School of Podcasting June 1. It's call "Understanding the Podcasting Puzzle" and you can sign up to get the links to the LIVE not pre-recorded) webinars. Here are the dates to attend:

Saturday May 21 1 - 2 PM EST

Wednesday May 25th 8-9 PM EST

Saturday May 28th 1 -2 PM EST

Go to for more information on attending.