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May 15, 2023

Today we explore the factors that contribute to a successful podcast strategy, including getting featured on podcast players and paid advertising efforts. We hear the inspiring journey of Katie, Krimitsos who created the Women's Meditation Network after feeling disinterested in her previous business and finding a lacking market for women and meditation.

We learn about the importance of just starting, experimenting, and having fun, as well as curating content for listeners. Katie shares her experience with advertising and maximizing revenue while engineering her pre-roll to not upset listeners. We dive into the uniqueness of her meditations and the focus on improving the content to create an audio experience that touches the listener's soul.

Finally, we explore Katie's stickler for priorities and energy management, strategizing her business projects, and streamlining her energy to bring on more one-on-one clients.

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Katie's previous appearance on episode 565 about creating communities

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