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Jul 3, 2017

Today I talk with Drew Ackerman of the Sleep with Me Podcast. I met him at and I was amazed at the amount of detail he puts into a show that has a singular goal of putting you to sleep. In the interview you will hear:

  • How Drew started his show with not the best of equipment
  • His "Let's See What Happens" attitude
  • How he picks the not too boring, not too entertaining topics.
  • How he pushed through when he thought about quitting
  • What inspired him to start the podcast
  • How he takes it seriously, but not too seriously.
  • What countries just don't get his show. 
  • The listener email that left him humbled.
  • His massive amount of downloads reported in the Washington Post

Check out Drew's Sleep With Me Podcast at Trying Hard to Be Everything and Succeeding at....

I took another look at now that you can create a podcast for free. This is another great example of a company knowing NOTHING about podcasting and jumping into the space. Leading people who are uninformed into situations that they are going to hate in a few months. 

They are going to control your feed if you let them submit your podcast feed "for you" which means later you won't be able to see your Apple stats. 

As a feedback mechanism, it's easy to receive feedback, but impossible to get it off your phone (and if they knew anything about podcasting they would know this). 

For now, I'm going to play with it for a week, but getting these files into a podcast (not using their horrible system) is not easy. 

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