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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Sep 6, 2021

Mellisa Guller has experience as a marketing manager, a project manager, an online course designer (she worked at Teachable), as well as a podcast producer, host, and podcast teacher. We take a DEEP DIVE into planning and launching an online course.

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Building Digital Courses with Mellisa Guller

Today I get all your questions answered about building and selling an online course: 

06:04  When is the right time to build a course?
09:01  How Long Should My Course Be?
11:19  Common Mistakes
13:13  What are the Top Challenges?
20:50  Open or Closed Model?
26:23  The Underutilized Feature in Teachable
27:27  What Do I Charge For My Online Course
32:59  Should I Have Free Lessons?
35:37  What Percentage of My Audience Will Sign Up?
39:38  Why is the Number So Low?
41:04  Why Did You Choose Circle?

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