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Mar 15, 2021

Who is Kristin Molenaar?

Kristin is an entrepreneur-enthusiast who lives by the mantra "work less + make more". She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch vanity metrics for true, profitable connections. She's the CEO of YesBoss, an agency that helps 2b2 entrepreneurs increase their visibility and credibility through profitable podcast guest features.

Kristin Molenaar's Tips For Getting Booked on Podcasts

There are almost 2 million podcasts. Where do you begin? Find someone in your niche, and use a tool like Podchaser, Podsearch, Google, or any podcast app and search for their interviews. This may lead you to podcasts that would also be interested in interviewing you. 

Kristin likes to pitch a show with the question, "Are you open to being pitched."

Another strategy is looking for hashtags. 

When looking for a show to appear on, look further than the interview. Kristin looks for someone that can be a partner, and develop a long-term strategy. 

Sending a "look how great I am" email is not a good strategy.

The True Power of Podcasting

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people that have been a guest on podcasts is "it has never produced any results for me." They will say,

"I've been invited to be a guest on people's podcast. I showed up and I talked about what I knew and it didn't go anywhere. I didn't get any traffic or business from it. It felt like a waste of my time."

This is what Kristin says that people need to remember when they're becoming a podcast guest. The biggest benefit you're going to get out of podcast guesting is the relationship with the podcast host.

I think that there are a lot of false hopes or false narratives around what I'm calling one-hit wonders. I think people think, "If I go after the biggest podcast that I possibly can, it's going to change my business. Here's the thing about being a podcast guest just like every other marketing strategy, just like every other networking strategy, it snowballs on itself.

But you have to treat people, like people. Your job as a podcast guest is to show up and be in service to the objective of the podcast host. You need to show the podcast host, "Hey, I appreciate you allowing me to show up in your space.  I am here to really provide as much benefit as I can to you. I want this to last beyond a recording."

When people come in without that mentality. I think that the benefits are just severely limited.

Being a podcast guest has tons and tons of benefits. But you're just missing out if you're not looking at this as an opportunity to meet really incredible people who are connected to other really incredible people and building a business that you can have fun together. That's what I love about podcasting and I wish more people came into it with that frame of mind because I think out of that we would get better pitches. We would get better research. We would get better conversations. We would get better results on the back end. 


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