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Jan 25, 2021

FOMO In Action

I was at Social Media Marketing World in 2018 enjoying a networking event on an aircraft carrier in San Diego California. I was contacted by Michael Oneil as he and a few friends were going to go to a club called Prohibition and wanted to know if I would want to attend. Did I say it was a club? Prohibition is a speakeasy. I have never been to a speakeasy. The door that you go through shows "LAW OFFICE Eddie Onare, ESQ." 

When we arrived there was an actual velvet rope. We had to wait. It myself, Michael O’Neal, Harry Durran, and Natalie Jennings. The anticipation was mounting. How long will I have to wait? Are we going to get in at all? Finally, the bouncer unclipped the rope and let us in. I remember walking through a door and going downstairs. It was getting darker and darker as we went on. When I finally get to the bottom and look around, I see a bar in front of me. I see a bench to the left of me. I see a few chairs to the right of me. It is dimly lit, with red lights in the ceiling. I think to myself. "Someone turned their basement into a bar." Don't get me wrong, it was cool. Michael and I ended up playing and singing that night with the saxophone player from Pink Floyd. But I can't underestimate the buzz and anticipation by the scarcity. This is a tactic called Fear of Missing Out (FOMO for short), and today we are going to talk about Clubhouse. This is an app (currently only available for iOs) and one of the things that is fueling the buzz about this app is their use of FOMO. 

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

Don't get me wrong, this app is cool. However, it's zoom without video and better moderation. Why is it so popular? You have to be invited in (OOOOOH!). It is only on iOs (sorry android people) so here again, only certain people can get in, and for those on the outside when you hear others talking about it, you have fear of missing out. Does it work? I'm doing an episode about it knowing that 75% of my audience can't use it. 

What Clubhouse is Good For

Why I like clubhouse is I'm finding my target audience, and more importantly, my target audience who doesn't know me yet. 

Then I can LISTEN, and take notes of what is being discussed and take notes as these might be future episodes. 

I have found a few people I want to connect with due to the details in their profiles, and the value they brought if they actually spoke. 

Mistakes in Clubhouse

If you don't have an answer to a question and someone asks you, just say, "That's a good question that I don't have an answer to." If you don't, often the answer you spew is not helpful and makes you look like an idiot in love with their own voice. 

Not filling out your profile with your website, your interests, and keywords to help you get found. 

Ask ing a question that is three seconds long followed by self-promotion that is three minutes long. 

Most of the true networking happens outside of the app so be sure to check your Twitter and Instagram for DMs.

I'm on Android - I Feel Left Out

If you look at what clubhouse is at its core is its a group of people (in rooms) that are joining hoping to talk about their favorite subject, meet people, and learn new insights. 

So do it on zoom.

Reach out to other podcasts like yours and pick a date to all get together on Zoom. Assign a moderator, and promote for weeks in advance. 

Everyone and their brother knows how to connect to zoom. The goal here is not to get podcast ready quality (cause the quality on Clubhouse is "ok"), but more the connection. 

There are also other tools like Slack, Discord.

There are tools like Mastodon where you can setup your own social media network. 

There will be Copycats - There Always Is

Twitter Spaces is coming

The issue with Android (from what I understand) is while all the different phones are running Android operating systems, there is enough differences between phone manufacturers to create headaches for app developers. 

Android Apps Like Clubhouse

Connect Club ( maybe? it shows a Google Play Version)

Bag Chat This is either another clubhouse or something creepy

Michael Stelzner's Awesome Clubhouse Tutorial

Great tutorial see

How Are You Pulling Clubhouse Into Your Podcast?

First, this is not entirely compliant with their terms of service. Their terms say I need written permission from participants. I make a notice in the show name, the show description, and when I pull someone on the stage, I ask for their permission to record them. This is still not written, but it is verbal. Please remember, I'm a teacher - not a lawyer. 

These Devices Make It Easy

The Zoom Podtrak P4 ($200)

The Zoom Podtrak P8 ($499)

The Rodecaster Pro ($599)

How? All of these make it super easy to connect a phone. I have three things in my Ask the Podcast Coach. I have myself, clubhouse, and a co-host. 

I plug my microphone (RE320) into the Rodecaster.

I plug my iPhone (via a connector) into a TRRS cable that goes into the Rodecaster

When I connect the Rodecaster via USB I am able to send and receive audio to my cohost who I connect with via Streamyard. Everybody can hear everyone. 

Using Streamyard. I stream live to my YouTube Channel. I record on the Rodecaster using the separate tracks option (as the audio from clubhouse can have a wide variance). 

See video

I Almost Lose 15 Years of My Podcast

I had my WD 4 Terabyte crash and with it 15 years of podcasting files (all my sound effects, artwork, music, EVERYTHING). It was going to cost me between $700-$1000 to have someone rescue my Drive. Luckily I use Backblaze who walked me through. I am paying $189 to have them save all my files (which are online) to a hard drive and ship it to me. Then I will copy my files to a new hard drive and then ship their hard drive back. I will then be refunded the $189. 

Backblaze is my hero. For more details on this story, see this video

Because Of My Podcast - I'm Staying Sane

Josh from the Saving Elephants podcast sent in a "Because of My Podcast" story and shares how during the trying times of covid, and elections, and protests, he feels podcasting to be a powerful platform for alleviating the symptoms of depression.

It's been wonderful to be able to talk to so many like-minded people from all over the country and even the world to have important meaningful conversations. The podcast provides Josh with a platform where he feels like He's not a helpless bystander forced to do nothing more than complain about the lack of substance and civility and depth in our national political dialogue.

Instead, through the podcast, he feels like an active participant in that conversation.  He is grateful for podcasting for providing me this platform. podcasting has been for me, a real lifesaver.

Got a Because of My Podcast Story? Let me hear it at

Dog Podcast Network - Liftoff!

Today we connect with James who shares what "Launch week" felt like and how he is feeling now that Dog Edition is officially available to the public. One thing I did was make a video of me listening to it (before it was published) James found this very useful as he could tell if jokes were landing, and the extra body language. If you're launching a podcast you might want to throw a listening party on zoom so you can watch your "focus group" as they listen. 

James is still giving away $5000 on the Dog Podcast Network

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