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Nov 21, 2022

Gary Arndt is an award-winning travel photographer, blogger, and podcaster who has been traveling the globe for 10 years when covid devastated the travel industry leaving Gary with nothing. Gary knows the value of promotion. He's used various strategies to grow his podcast Everything Everywhere, including partnering with other podcasts, leveraging his blog traffic, and giving listeners an incentive to subscribe. He also started paying for promotions on other podcasts. As a result, his podcast has reached a wider audience and he's been able to connect with more listeners and is approaching 1 million downloads per month.

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Gary Arndt's Multiple Strategy Approach

When Gary first launched his 7-day-a-week podcast Everything Everywhere Gary says he was getting around 6000 downloads per episode. Fast forward two and a half year and Gary is approaching getting 1 million downloads per month (a growth of 167%). How did he do it?

Gary's Strategies:

He never turns down an interview.

He executes feed drops (cross-promotion) with other shows.

His show is listed in all directories.

He has a budget to promote his show on other podcasts.

He is investigating advertising in magazines that match his show.

It's Not the ONE thing he is doing. He is DOING THE WORK.

In today's show you will hear:

Why social media doesn’t convert that well for podcasting.
How Gary chooses his subjects?
What are Gary's growth strategies for your podcast?
Why do you think your media property can get away with doing nothing?
How to get people to buy your ads.
The Spanish National Tourism Board is one of Gary's biggest supporters.
Gary may turn his scripts into a book in the future.

Podcast Quick Tip: Trade Each Podcast Episode Like a Blog Post On Your Website

Make sure your podcast information in your media points to your website. Then when making a new episode, have the link in the episode point to a URL where your audience can find more information (and do all the things you want them to do on your website) This can also lead to boosting your Google SEO Score. If you need a website see Cooler Websites or Name Cheap. If you need a website check out Podcast Page, or (Free course)


This month the question is from Matt Rafferty  The Author Inside for You show and he wants to know:

The question is, “What is your Next Podcast going to be about?” Not your next episode, but your next SHOW. We all know it is hard to have just one…

If you're sticking to just one, explain that as well.

Leave Your Answer at

Deadline is 11/25/22

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