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Jun 14, 2021

Today I am joined by Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins (which was recently added to the Westwood One Network). Joe recently took a class lead by Sinan Aral (author of the book The Hype Machine) and while it's been proven over and over that Apple ratings and Reviews do not help you in the apple podcast charts, but how much influence do ratings have for those looking for new podcasts?

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The Hype Machine Book


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05:26 The Importance of Reviews (outside of Apple charts)
12:35 Follow Trends ( see Google Trends )
15:48 A Faster Way To Create Audiograms
16:38 Managing a Community (want a Facebook Alternative? Check out the Circle Platform)
22:09 Give Your Listeners What They Want
25:13 78% of Podcast Discovery is Word of Mouth according to Jacobs Media
29:49 Looking at My Reviews via My Podcast Reviews ( 4 months free on your first yearly subscription )
31:29 Another Strategy to Battle 1 Star Reviews
33:16 Have I Frightened You From Pressing Record?
34:05 Getting Out Of Our Own Way
37:14 You WILL Get a One Star Review
38:32 Getting Reviews Outside of Apple
39:45 Thanks To My Team
40:31 Bloopers