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May 22, 2017



Podcasting Microphone Shootout

Microphone 1 - Audio Technica ATR2100 $59 (Here is Bundle with Boom arm)
Microphone 2 - Audio Technica ATR2005 $79
Microphone 3 - Samson Q2U $54 (with headphones)
Microphone 4 - Knox Dynamic USB Microphone $39 (here is a bundle with boom arm)
Microphone 5 - Audi Technica 3035 $179
Microphone 6 - Heil Pr40 $327

Engage, Listen, and Grow Your Audience with Jonathan Oakes

Jonathan Oakes has been producing the Trivial Warfare for two years he has had some great adventures with his audience including participating in some really big trivia contests. Jonathan has always had a love for trivia. He participated in those TV shows where high school teams go against each other. He has taken on entries bars of people (AND WON). Jonathan's audience loves to learn, and love the ability to show their memory skills. You can find his show at Today in episode 567 we hear:

How Jonathan worked with his co-hosts to set expectations when it comes to dividing any money.

He brought on co-hosts that brought in different viewpoints

He listened to what his audience wanted (to be on the show) and found a way so that both the show and the listener benefit.

He has incorporated giveaways into his Patreon to increase patron in the higher support tiers

He uses a Facebook Group to gather feedback on ideas to

Check out Jonathan's Show at and check out his Patreon Account at

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