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May 12, 2008

Today’s episode comes from our weekly meetings that we have at the School of Podcasting. The question is what is the difference between a post and a page in Wordpress?

 A post will be at the top of your blog until you enter another post. A page is something you enter and it can only be viewed if you link to it. (There is a way to have it show up on the front age by going to settings > reading and choosing to have the page be “static” on the front page.

 Why Wordpress? It creates an RSS feed for you, and IT’S FREE. If you need an inexpensive host for Wordpress check out

Fred from
aggrees that there is no age limit to podcasting. He is 59, and he encourages all “baby boomers” to get involved with podcasting. Fred uses my service to set up his blogs at and  (and more projects coming).

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