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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Dec 10, 2018

Today we are joined from Dr. Ryan Gray from the Medical School Headquarters and he shares his philosophy of starting and growing his podcasts.

The question of the Month

What is your ONE favorite podcast for 2018? Why is it your favorite, and where can I find it (then tell us about your show and where we can find it)

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Dr. Ryan Gray of the Medical School Headquarters Podcast


Ryan is currently publishing seven different shows

6:55 Start a website with a positive vibe to help medical students

7:55 He was nervous about starting and waiting six months to launch

9:30 How by starting too broad he rebranded his show

11:00 What enabled him to transition from Doctor to Podcaster?

13:45 How he sought out companies that had content that fit his audience

15:28 How he goes about adding a show to his network

17:40 How his sales pitch is not a sales pitch

21:34 How many shows is he planning on launching

23:13 How much of the day to day stuff is he doing?

24:58 What are his first two employees are doing?

26:14 How he had made lifestyle choices to make this work

A family that podcasts together stays together

28:10 Ryan also has three books and he shares how he put them together and worked with Morgan James Publishing

30:10 Ryan's Advice to people wanting to follow in his footsteps but in their niche

32:00 Ryan's Experience with NFC Chips (Dave had found some on, there are programmable card on Amazon)

33:40 Promoting his podcast at events

35:50 His biggest success and his biggest failure

37:50 Biggest mistakes new podcasters make

How do you build an audience - one person at a time

39:25 Has he ever missed an episode?

Main Takeaways

He start by first providing value to his audience - not money, not downloads

He does things other people don't (engages people at his booth instead of staring at his phone)

His wife supports his plan, and now he is supporting hers. For more on this needing support see the "Three Things Every Podcaster Needs" episode

My WordPress Updated to 5.0 HELP!

43:20  If you're website updates automatically you can install a plugin called "Classic Editor"  that makes the new version of Wordpress look like the old version of your website

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