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Sep 26, 2022

So people are paying to have a promo/trailer of their show played in another podcast. Does this work? Today I ask, "Have you taken action on a show after hearing their trailer on a podcast?" 

I also talk with Sunny Gault from the Podcast Network Alliance

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Scott From What Was That Like 

Mark from the History of North America

Spencer from the Recovery Show

Tim From the Create Art Show

Tim from the Find a Podcast About

Fred From Podcast Reporter

Steve from Unknown Orbits

While trailers do work in some cases, but the thing that seems to really work is when the host (who the audience trusts) recommends a show. 

Heather Osgood will be on the show in the future, and she mentioned that feed drops are very effective at growing your show. 

The Podcast Network Alliance

I talk with Sunny Gault who is one of the people who help run the Podcast Network Alliance where podcasters who are running a podcast network get together and share strategies. 

Currently, the network is free.

Sunny also has the Independent Podcast Network and the New Mommy Media network.


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