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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Dec 16, 2019

Today I take a lesson from my nine-year-old niece who goes crazy about a Christmas toy that makes absolutely no sense at all.

I also have a great conversation with Cole Raven of Podchaser to explain what it is, where it's going and how you can use it in your podcasting effort. See the School of Podcasting at

Here is my profile on Podchaser

Table of Contents:

00:01:11.850 Question of the Month
00:02:19.600 Focusrite USB Interfaces
00:04:13.957 Different is Better Than Better
00:13:13.993 Cole Raven From
00:35:01.521 How I Might Use Podchaser
00:36:56.585 Apple Podcasts Now on Alexa
00:41:09.000 Blooper

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