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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Nov 14, 2022

This podcast episode discusses the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence to help with copywriting for a podcast, and whether or not it's worth it. Is the Capsho software really worth the price tag?

Ready To Start Your Podcast

You may think nobody would listen to you, but I'm here to tell you they will. I have proven strategies to help you identify exactly what your audience wants. You will sound professional, and won't have to spend a million dollars to sound great. Learn through our online tutorials, live group coaching and a private Facebook Group filled with brilliant podcasters. Join worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. See

Holiday Hours For Apple and Your Media Hosts

Apple has posted their holiday hours.

From 11/29/22 - 11/27/22 along with 12/23/22 - 1/2/23, new shows and channels or subscriptions submitted during these windows may not be available within our regular. And responses to support inquiries might be slightly delayed plan accordingly and submit any new content with this in mind, 

According to Rob Walch at Libsyn, "If you want to have a full launch by January 1,  you should submit by November 15."

What If I don't submit by November 15th? All is not lost, the world has waited 18 years for your podcast, it may have to wait another week. 

Be Kind To Your Media Hosts

No matter what the company is, your media host, email providers, etc, please remember that everyone is taking time off to be with their family and friends, etc. Lighting up a company on social isn't going to help because (more than likely) nobody is home as they are also with their friends and family (and maybe you should be too). 

Join my New Dynamic Podcast Newsletter

I'm "doubling down" on a podcast newsletter. This will have podcast news, spotlight podcasts, links to my episodes, what is catching my eye, and behind-the-scenes information at the School of Podcasting. If you go to you can check what you want to read. If you're already on the list you will get an email asking you to specify later in the week. For those who are curious, I'm using Mailerlite

Speaking of the newsletter, I am working on an episode about using a newsletter with your podcast. I've got a few interviews lined up as I want this to be a narrative-style podcast. If you use an email list with your podcast, I'd love to interview you. Contact me

My First Impression of Capsho the AI Copywriting Tool For Podcasters

According to their website, Capsho claims, "The Best AI Copywriting Software for Podcasters. Create your podcast promotional copy in under 10 minutes." You upload your episode, and it spits out:

  • Episode title
  • Episode description
  • Show notes
  • Blog post
  • Promotional Email
  • Social Media Captions (for all platforms)
  • LinkedIn Article
  • Transcript

Is It Worth It?

There are lots of products with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Word Hero will help you write over 60 different types of descriptions starting at $50/month (there is also a  lifetime deal aff). Anyword is another copywriting tool for $30/month. Descript with transcribe and make it easy to edit your show (and they have that amazing studio sound tool). Headliner Studio from CoSchedule is $9/month. With Capsho plans starting at $29/month, I believe it delivers enough value (but that depends on your budget). In my world, I've decided to keep using it and see how it performs. 

AI Will NEVER Release a Human

I will get into this later, but while a computer can imitate a human, I feel it can't replace. We are all different with these things called opinions and personalities, and even though I can specify a tone in some AI products like Word Hero it almost always needs a tweak to match your personality

So Who Is Capsho Good For?

If you're not writing anything or struggling, this does a lot of the heavy lifting. If would love to have someone help you with your description, titles, etc but can't afford a virtual assistant, but can find $29-$90 in the monthly budget, then this might be a good fit. As always, you pay in one of two currencies, time or money. Whichever one you have the most of, use that. 


This month the question is from Matt Rafferty  The Author Inside for You show and he wants to know:

The question is, “What is your Next Podcast going to be about?” Not your next episode, but your next SHOW. We all know it is hard to have just one…

If you're sticking to just one, explain that as well.

Leave Your Answer at

Deadline is 11/25/22

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