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Feb 4, 2019

Last week we spoke about making sure you have great content, today we have tips on building your community.

Because of My Podcast - I've Got press Passes to the On Air Festival

On-Air Fest is advancing the culture of audio. We bring together an expansive range of emerging and established voices to explore the creative possibilities of sound.

Across multiple spaces in Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel, over 100 talent will share innovative ideas and showcase new work. Join us for a weekend of intimate conversations, performances, art installations, listening parties and live podcasts.

FEB 28-MAR 3 2019

Building Community - Starts Slow, Takes Work, and Then You Have 1000 Members

Jeremy Enns is the Storyteller In Chief of podcast agency Counterweight Creative, fearless leader of the Cut The Bullshit Podcasting Community, and creator of the Podcast Power Pack. He loves the outdoors, long distance cycle touring, and will always look back on the day he finally saved up enough money to buy the Millennium Falcon Lego set as one of his proudest achievements.

Is there BS in the podcast Space?
How do you grow your community?
There hasn't been much moderation needed in his group
Set rules and ensure people follow them
He was working with Women's health world and noticed how well this niche networks together

Podcast Power Pack

A collection of 20_ contributors who are combining all their products and selling them at 90% off on February 25th - Friday, March 1

The Podcast Power Pack is a collection of some of the best online courses, eBooks, membership communities, digital products, and software.

The pack is designed to help you refine your process and grow your podcast in 4 key areas.

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