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Dec 7, 2015

The Podcast That Has More Audience Participation Than Any Podcast I've Heard

Rob Walch is the VP of Podcast relations, but he started off 11 years ago as the host of Podcast411. In 2007 he started the then Today in iPhone (later changed to Today in iOs to include the iPad) and Rob has more audience interaction than any podcast I've ever heard. Here are some things I noticed about his show.

  1. Rob mentions and ASKS for feedback and provides his email address and phone number many times through the episode. He states it, and moves on.
  2. He gets his community involved by asking them to contribute original music and artwork
  3. He offers them free apps from developers looking to promote their app to their target audience.
  4. He offers objective viewpoints (he's a fan boy, but realizes integrity easy to lose, and hard to come by) about Apple products.
  5. He uses his sponsors so he can talk about them first hand.
  6. When someone sends in feedback he religiously refers to this person by name.
  7. He reminds his audience that he is "going back to the mail bag" to remind them to e-mail in their comments/questions
  8. He doesn't pretend to know it all. If he doesn't know it, he throws it out to the audience to answer (and they do).
  9. He uses a Google community (with 2500+ members) to community outside the podcast
  10. He uses the same segments for each show, and yet every show is different due to news, apps, and upgrades. So you know what to expect, and still have no idea what to expect.
  11. Every episode is served with a side of snarkiness. Rob is sarcastic and that is the part that I love about the show. His segment "How wrong were they" is always good for a chuckle.

I play a small "behind the scenes" conversation I had with Rob back in January of this year when we were talking "Twitter bombing"

1:10 Because of My Podcast I'm on FM Radio - Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk

Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk explains how his podcast lead to him getting a job as a regular on a local Radio show. Find Mike at