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Mar 2, 2020

Descript is software that transcribes your episode and then you can go to the transcript and when you removed it from your transcript, it removes it from the audio. You can fade in and cuts that are a little rough to smooth them out. You can mix in music, have multiple mics go into two different tracks so you can edit the "cough" out from person number two while person number one was talking. Enjoy the live demo of Descript in this episode 712 of the School of Podcasting.

Table of Contents

01:09 What is Descript?
08:16 Descript Demo
19:20 How Much Is It?
20:02 Descript vs
22:40 My Podcast Reviews Free Month Dela Extended
24:12 #podrevday March 8th
25:03 Because of My Podcast- Carey Green
30:29 Robin Chsitopherson loved the Glow Episode
33:07 March Podcasting Events
37:57 Bloopers

Descript Live Demo - Transcripts are more than just words

While many people take the lazy way to show descriptions by thinking transcripts are the golden ticket. In my opinion, transcripts are hard to read and I often click away (which means this is the opposite of what people were hoping for, and Google calls this "bouncing" coming to one page and leaving).

A transcript can speed up editing by making it easy to see the parts that definitely need edit,  and you will be able to see your crutch words. That is where descript has a very interesting feature. In this video, you see me right-click and erase 14 "ums." Were all the edits perfect? No, but you can use additional tools like fading into a word to smooth out and roughs edit. The price is $10 a month for up to 10 hours of transcription (which is lightning fast). We have a coupon code pec2020 through the end of March 2020 you can get 10% off a yearly subscription. Thanks to Steve Stewart and the Podcast Editors Club, and the Podcast Editors Conference for allowing us to borrow their coupon.

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My Podcast Reviews - Get A Free Month Deal Extended


I interviewed Daniel J Lewis back on episode 709 talking about My Podcast Reviews which scans all of the apple stores and emails you copies of your reviews (or your competitors) where you can then share them, add them to your media kit, etc. Originally the offer of a free month was to end in February but the free month offer has been extended until March 7,2020. Go to to get your free month

Podcast Review Day March 8 #podrevday

24:12 Steph Fuccio has started a tradition of picking one day out of the month to review at least one podcast. You can join in on Twitter and Instagram by using #podrevday  -more information.

Because of My Podcast - Carey Green

Carey Green is a podcast editor (see and does a podcast about podcasting at but his show Morning Mindset has been growing very quickly, and he is having meetups with listeners, and now he is frequently receiving prayer requests. Carey is now doing one episode where it is Carey praying for multiple people on one episode. Think about the comfort and closeness one must feel to ask someone "Will you pray for me?" Check out Carey's Morning Mindset podcast at

Robin Christopherson loved the Glow Episode

Robin does a daily Dot to Dot show about Amazon skills. He has a large audience but was looking for a new way to monetize his show. He heard my interview with CEO and loved it. You can hear it at

If you want to check out my Glow page see

March Podcasting Events

March 3: Podcast Portland Meetup

March 4: The Publisher Podcast Awards

March 6-8: Podfest Multimedia Expo

March 6: Podcast Editors Club, Spots Podcon and others)

March 7: Podfest Cairo

March 9-11: New Media Summit

March 11: Podup Virtual Summit

March 16: Northeast Ohio Podcasters Meetup

March 17: California Podcasters Association (Oakland)

March 17 Virginia Podcasters Association Meetup

March 19-20 Become a Podcaster in One Day

March 19: Podcast Cracking the Code

March 19: Phoenix Podcast Club Social

March 31: Columbus Podcasters Meetup

For more information see

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