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Dec 21, 2020

We know that when you give value, your audience can feel like they "owe you" and when you give them the opportunity they will return the favor. Today we hear about a covert operation pulled off to deliver a box of presents to Glenn the Geek Hebert of the Horse Radio Network as he was recovering from not one but TWO surgeries. The story is amazing.

We also have a tool to reward your superfans for sharing your show with their friends. We also catch up with the Dog Podcast Network.

Glenn the Geek's Audience Comes to the Rescue

Glenn had cancer removed from his colon (and needs to kemo - get your colonoscopy), and ended up getting an infection in his body that got very, very, serious. He ended up having his gallbladder removed and was down for the count (losing thirty pounds in four weeks).

01:32 Gleen The Geek Got Really Sick
04:05 Glenn's Supporters Came to the Rescue
06:27 How They Organized The Surprise
07:51 Let People Return the Favor
09:33 Have a Backup Plan
14:21 You Audience Feels Like They Know You

Another Example of Building and Audience Taking Three Years


Erik Johnson of shares on the "Audience" podcast how his already famous client with a social following still took three years to build their audience.

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Build Your Own Ambassador Program With


Today we talk with Amira Valliani of Glow the makers of a tool where you get to pick your own rewards, and you get a landing page where people can get their own unique link and tracks the number of people they refer to your podcast.

You get notified with the name and email person of the “super fan” who wants to refer their friends (they are stored in a spreadsheet making it easy to import into your system) and when they reach a goal you are notified.

You can see my page for the School of Podcasting at

Dog Podcast Network Update: A Producer has been hired

James Jacobson has hired a producer to help put his ideas into action as he is still collecting dog stories at and he hopes to have a great trailer next week to start promoting his flagship show launching in January. Keep in mind that you can always change your trailer (description, artwork, and more) any time you want with no consequences.

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