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School of Podcasting

May 28, 2007

Today we talk about using a "Radio Voice" to be a podcaster. I talk about Dr Dave from who was worried that he didn't have a "DJ" voice. He's doing fine, and remember that many people do NOT want to hear a "DJ" voice.

We talk about forum spam. One way to cut down on spam is to require approval of all new members. George from the podcast explains he finally wrote a program to stop spam on his website.

I also mention how I've started a "Step by Step" section at the School of Podcasting with my recommended software program, hosting solutions, etc. If you are looking for a quick way to start podcasting, the School of Podcasting is a great solution.

Dave explains that Mixcraft from Acoustica is his recommended "Multi-track" podcasting software.

ten and a half years ago

Now the couple is left scrambling to find another location for their October wedding. "All my family's from Phoenix and his family's from Nebraska," Vong explained. "A lot have already booked airfare, hotel, everything," Groetsch chimed in. "That's why it's not like we change change our wedding day."

Groetsch and Vong are looking for a new wedding hall, but are sticking to the louis vuitton shoes wedding date of October 10; which will be 10-10-2010.

There may be other couples affected by the closure of the Arts District Banquet Hall, who simply don't know about the bankruptcy.

CBS 11 News contacted the people who run the Crow Collection and they wanted it made clear that the weddings scheduled at The Collection are not affected. The doors have only closed on the banquet hall located in the Trammel Crow Tower.