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Apr 23, 2007

Dave gets some listener feedback from Chris at and Paul from

I was reading a book about marketing a musical group and it mentioned using chalk to promote your band. Would this work for podcasters? Find where your taget market goes and write your website in front of the entrance? Is this a great first impression?

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I give a brief update on bookmarks as a promotional tool.

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Last 5 in 5 from Mark at
Palm OSC
Apple News Now 
Project Studio Network
Desparate Husbands

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almost fourteen years ago

he media is often blamed for having an East Coast Bias when it comes to sports. The news that the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees have retaken the lead in this week's MLB Power Rankings will do nothing to kill those feelings. It's also not going to help accusations that we all love the American League East either.

As the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies stay relatively stuck in the mud in relation louis vuitton diaper bag to each other, they fall further behind the Rays and Yankees. The Minnesota Twins had a tough week in Texas as well, losing three of four to the Rangers and falling to fourth in these rankings.

The Cincinnati Reds are putting some distance between themselves and the St. Louis Cardinals. They are five games ahead of the Redbirds, not so much because they had a spectacular week, but because St. Louis lost two of three to Pittsburgh and three of four to Washington.