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Mar 26, 2007

In this episode I talk about a couple of nightmares I've run across including:

My RSS feed in iTunes somehow got changed to http://s (podpress maybe? I'm not sure...). I had to change my RSS feed in iTunes

To change this you need to (accorsing to Apple's Forums):
Podcasters occasionally need to move their feed from one location to another. In this case, you should not remove your feed. If possible, you should set your web server to return a 301 error and redirect when receiving a request for the old feed. Doing so will cause both the iTunes Music Store and the iTunes clients that have subscribed to your podcast to pick up the new feed URL. Be sure to maintain the redirect for at least two weeks to ensure that most subscribers have attempted to download your most recent episode and have thereby received the new URL.

If you don’t know how to return an HTTP 301, you can use the <itunes:new-feed-url> tag described in the iTunes RSS Tags section below. The tag will cause the iTunes music store to be updated with the new feed URL, but it will not inform iTunes clients of the new location. You may choose to include an audio note in your podcast, informing your subscribers that your podcast has changed locations. After adding the tag, be sure to keep your feed running at the old URL for at least 48 hours.

Then later I did a somewhat time sensitive announcement only to have feedburner fail to update my feed.

Lesson Learned: Never fail to occasionally go back and experience your podcast through the eyes (and mouse) of a new subscriber. Double check your feed(s).

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