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Mar 12, 2007

WARNING - This show contains clips of Keith and the Girl (and are NOT worksafe).

Dave continues his talk that was started by people passing information about that was false. This week will be the final word from me on this.

Some people still don't understand the concept of specifics reasons by throwing out inuendo and hearsay. Here are some of the things we've learned:

When you are making a point, credability can be ruined with one wrong word.

Some people thing Podshow is elitest because of their bumper. While I do not personally find this an elitest action - some listeners brought this up. Comunication has always been very subjective.

One person was upset becuase he couldn't get a return phone call. Again, I can see where this person was upset.

Keith And The Girl Had These Issues
1. Adam Curry kept messing up their name. This was annoying to KATG.
2. Keith didn't accept Adam Curry's explanation of the Podshow's messing up the RSS feed.
3. Keith didn't understand the reoccrung advertisements that Adam was speaking of in his blog, and called it shady. I explained this is the new product placement marketing.
4. Dave explains that downloads are important, but there is a value to the niche podcast as well.
5. Keith said that Godaddy adds make no money. I know for a fact that this is not true.
6. Keith reads the terms of service and has a serious problem with the fact that Podshow can do anything with your show - forever - even if you leave the network. Dave admits that many people have a problem with this clause in the contract. He throws out some points such as the Mommy Cast, The Roadhouse, Tartan Podcast all have left the network and none of their content is being sold. Admittedly this has potential to be a horrible contract, but it also has cabaility to further promote your show.
7. Chemda brought up a good point that people are doing this with different perspecitves. For example people who are doing it for fun may have an extremely different persepctive on podcasting, and moentizing your podcast. Dave points out that if you are a contracted podshow producer your contract (like any contract on the planet) is up for negotiation.
8. Keith points out that their show can be listened to on and he feels that podshow is using their downloads as part of the total downloads they are reporting. Dave points out that Keith said that if Podshow hates Keith and the Girl so much, they should pull them off their network. Dave flips this and asks, "If Keith and the Girl hate podshow so much, why don't they ask to be pulled off of the network?" If they did, and podshow failed to do so that would be a story.

Some lessons learned:

Don't podcast angry as you may say things you regret later. If you are making a serious point, make some note cards and save your crediability.

Dave apologizes for slighting the other podcasting networks. It's true, I can admit when I'm wrong.

Dave explains whe he thinks happens when you use the podshow player. It does work, although it may be slow.


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