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Mar 5, 2007

I change format today because I have a serious point to make. If we are the NEW MEDIA, we have the RESPONSIBILITY to RECOGNIZE that the Microphone has POWER. Here are some key points from my rant.

BIG MEDIA wants us to fight amongst ourselves. Podcasting has enough competition from other meida sources, so why make one of our competitors "other podcasters."

You can say negative things about other people in the community, but you better be willing to explain why and prove it. As a reporter, as part of the NEW media, it is still YOUR responsibility to present the FACTS.

I use the example of recent accusations thrown at Podshow. As I have a show on in the Podshow network (this one is not by MY choice), I wanted to dispell some of the rumors about Podshow.

YOU THE MEDIA (from Paul Coligan's Book "the Business Podcasting Bible). If we are going to accept that role, we need to also accept that responsibility.

Shame on you Keith.

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