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Apr 30, 2018

Becuase of My Podcast Twin Spin with Aaron Peterson


Aaron does a number of podcast including the Blacklist Exposed, Remake the Movie Right, Smirk, and the Hollywood Outsider

Becuase of his podcast(s) Aaron was asked to Officiate the wedding of two listeners who met through the Hollywood Outsider podcast. 


Aaron and his co-host Troy Heinritz (from the Black List Exposed) were one of six media companies asked to attend the 100th episode of the Black List Exposed. 

Wavve, Audiogram and Sparemin Reviewed


There are tools that you can use to make a snippet of your podcast. These tools turn them into a video file to paste on social sites like Twiter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is not the first tool to be based on sharing audio snippets. Clammr was a tool intended for you to be able to easily create a clip and those clips were then easy to share. Clammr lasted about three years (2014-2017).  I had a lot of great press,  and was mentioned on a regular basis. Now a year later, other companies have come to fill the void.

My scenario: I looked at the services for what I would use. I want four episode each with a different design. 

 Click Here to get a free video on how to use these tools
Headliner (Sparemin)
This is a free tool that allows you to make a video out of audio. In theory it can transcribe your audio. The few times I tried the transcription, it was pretty awful. It does give you the ability to have more than one image, as well as text. You can easily make a copy of a project and edit it to be new. There is an image search tool so you can find images to use in your video. BE SURE to read the terms of service as one of the services is Getty Images (who will take you to court for using their images if you didn't obtain a license. You can't beat the price (free). There are videos along the way to help you through the learning curve.


I liked that Audiogram actually gives you a live animated preview of your finished file. You didn't have to compile it and think, "Oh wait, I don't like that." You can see it before you turn it into a video. They have a bunch of premade designs. You have much more control over things like titles and positions of animations. You can even load an existing design from a previous movie to save time. Audiogram also shows your social sites (if you want) at the end of the video. These are not clickable. When you are done creating your video. you can download it or email it to your phone for easy sharing on Instagram. For me to do four videos a month would be $19. I can do two videos for free.
Wavve the most set of elaborate tools. You can drag and drop exactly where you want things to appear. You have more fonts, etc. When you are done you can post your video to Facebook and Twitter right from your account (and like the others send the video to your phone for Instagram). Wavve does give the ability to do a few free videos per month (depending on the length). They have some video tutorials to walk you through the system. If you are looking to make super cool looking graphics, this is the tool. For my scenerio, it would cost $18/month


If you're looking for free, Sparemin/Headliner is free. While not as versatilscenarioll give you something to share.
Again for my scenario (4 shows a month, each video with a new design), Audiogram is $19 a month, and Wavve is $18

Different Features

Audiogram has the ability to save your design choices and use them over and over.
Wavve has the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter right from your Wavve account
Sparemin has an image search capability (again, check their TOS)
You will see that you can turn these into a giant time suck choosing the right font, the right etc.
If you have access to something that makes trackable links (pretty Link for Wordpress) you may want to use a special link with your Audiogram to see if it generates more clicks.
The one thing missing (in my opinion) is stats on how many times the file was played.

What You Should Do Even If You Don't Use These Services

What I like about these services is it makes you think. It makes you ask yourself, "What is THEY key clip that will make people want to hear more? What clip can I create to motivate people to come and listen."

What I Didn't Get To Accomplish In Q1 of 2018


19:36 Bill Hutchison from YWAM podcast (and ) wanted to be a bit more consistent (but did get some things done)

21:49 Brad from We Are the Cinema Guys wanted to work on his calls to action

24:25 Sarah from the Podcastcard Academy wants to be a bit more organized (and now is using Asana, Dave loves

26:08 Max from Aviation News Talk meant to contact a conference but hasn't gotten around to it yet (but he will NOW)

27:42 Win Charles from Ask the Win meant to start a new podcast, but she did find an editor.

31:32 Zach from Rasing Rents (as in PArents) needs to get season two going.

35:29 Dave needs to get his inbox under control, and started off the year super focused, but has slid back to old habits.

Question of the Month for May

39:15 We need your answers by 5/25/18 

1. Are you planning on starting a new show, if so what is it? 

2. If you've had sponsors on your show, how did you get it. Did they approach you? Did you approach them? Did they come from your media host?

Please put May 2018 Question when you answer using your favorite method on our contact page

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