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Mar 19, 2018

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Today we have insights from Diana McCallum from the Talk From Super Heroes show, Lou Mongello from WDW Radio and Gordo from Those Conspiracy Guys on how they are designing T-Shirts that actually sell. Neil then shares some insights into what he's doing to create a show that allows him to do podcasting full time, and how insights into his Patreon Account.

Jim Harold from the Paranormal Podcast has a "Just a Podcaster" T-shirt on Amazon

Marc from the Resourceful Designer podcast has quite a few cool shirts for sale on Amazon

I created a store and a t-shirt in about 10 minutes at

You can hire a designer at the site

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– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's July 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

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Access and Exclusivity: The Power of Patreon

Neil Rochford explains how he is working with his audience using Patreon to go deeper with his Super Fans. This includes:

Live video chats

Extra content

Early content

Behind the scenes "What is happening in my life" content.

Patreon has the ability to have an RSS feed for each person (so if they leave they lose access)

Butt Stuff

Neil is working on a trip to the US via a Crowdfunding Goal

He wants to come to the US to interview the people instead of using Google.

The goal is to film the trip and turn the trip into a dozen documentary type segments


Where I'm Heading

I'll be at Podfecta in Nashville on April 20th

Nashville Craft Content Event on April 21st

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Work with me, I have multiple options to support many budgets