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Jun 13, 2022

I see people who want MORE downloads, and yet they have not listed their show on all the different directories. Why is that? Is this some type of strategy? 

SPONSOR: Focusrite: The Vocaster Series Made For Podcasters

  • AutoGain - Easily set your levels with the click of a button, with more than enough gain on tap (70dB) – no booster needed
  • Enhance - Four podcaster-approved voice presets bring out the best in any voice
  • Mute - Silence the mic with the touch of a button - don’t let unexpected interruptions get in the way of recording
  • Connect your phone - Record phone calls, high quality music, or other audio from your device, seamlessly 
  • Record to a camera - Plug in your camera and record directly to its memory card 
  • Loopback - Stream calls or any other audio you can think of from your computer with two sets of stereo loopback
  • Included software - Hindenburg Lite to record, three months of SquadCast Pro + Video to bring in your guests, and six months of Acast Influencer to publish, you’re ready to get your show out there
  • Learn more at: 

Join the School of Podcasting
When you join the School of Podcasting you can quit worrying about:

Are people going to listen to me? (Yes, cause I'll show you how to see what they want).

Am I going to sound stupid? (No, as I'll show you the magic of editing)

It will cost a million dollars (No, I'll have you sounding like a million bucks without spending a million bucks). 

I don't anything about this technology (You said the same thing about driving). 

Get access to:
Step-by-step tutorials, live group coaching, a mastermind group filled with brilliant podcasting minds,  and the ability to schedule as many one-on-one quick fix calls as you like at no extra charge. 
Join worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee 

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Kim - The Pharmacists Voice

Bryan - The Relaxed Male

Ronnie - Dancing is Forbidden am Aqua Teen Hunger Force Exploration

John - You Were Made for This

Karen - Just Grow Something

Mark - The history of North America 

Matt - The Author Inside You

Steve - Whiskey Chasers Pod

Where I Will Be?

July 19-20: How to Make Real Money Podcasting Online
August 23-26 Podcast Movement, Dallas, TX
September9-10, Indie Pod Con 8 Philadelphia, PA
Oct 20-22 Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop Dayton, Oh

For the most up-to-date itinerary, go to

Question of the Month

This month's question is "What should I ask for the question of the month?"  Be sure to mention your name, the podcasts' name, and your website. Should I choose to use your question I will mention your show and website when I bring up the question. I may not use all the questions. 





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