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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Nov 8, 2021

We hear of podcasters getting these big deals for big bucks, and congratulations to all. However, this is not the norm. Just because you start a podcast does not mean you will end up like Rich Uncle Pennybag from Monopoly.

If you're a regular listener you've heard me mention how I received a 10-minute voicemail, and one of the points of that voicemail was that maybe we all have some slightly blurry expectations when it comes to podcasting (and in their case how long it takes to create one). Today is my 800th episode and like all of my milestone episodes, I'm going to break my format, and not talk so much about gear, downloads, promotion, interviews, etc and instead I want to talk about some of the more stressful sides of podcasting.

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My first episode from 2005

Book: Profit From Your Podcast

School of Podcasting

Besties in Bed

Affordable Podcast Editing

The Grief Recovery Handbook

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255

Question of the Month: How Long Does It Take You to Create an Episode - SURVEY

This 60-minute podcast took 8 hours to create from idea to pressing publish. We all know podcasting can take more time than we thought. I'd love to hear how long it took to go from "Idea to Publish" for your last episode. You can answer at 

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00:58  Question of the Month
03:43  Origins of Episode
05:06  Podcasting Can Change Your Life
07:35  Everything Works for THE Dave Jackson???
08:26  Podcasting Played a Part in My Divorce
09:29  Lesson 1: Realistic Expectations
11:40  Separating Work From Home
13:15  Tip 2:Date Night on Steroids
15:00  Relationship  Advice from the Divorced Guy
15:10  When to Argue
17:07  Tip 3: Guys - JUST LISTEN
17:31  Tip 4: Ladies Tell Them What You Want
17:55  Tip 5: Make Sure You're Giving Them What They Want
18:46  Stereotypes are Fun!
20:02  Comparison is the Thief of Joy
21:33  The RIGHT Downloads
23:14  Refocus When Comparing Yourself
25:04  So Why Does Dave Podcast?
30:44  Suicide Disclaimer
31:32  Does Being a ProPodcaster Leave You Susceptible to Thoughts of Suicide?
32:58  When Did the Word Hobby Become Derogatory?
34:29  You Are Allowed to Do This For Fun
36:15  Podcasters Can Be Impulsive
38:06  Podcasters Are Isolated
39:07  Realistic Expectations
41:25  We Might Feel Trapped
43:10  The HUSTLE Mentality
44:20  Suicide Rates in America
48:10  It's OK To Ask For Help
49:55  Dealing with Grief
53:51  The Pain of Suicide
54:22  Keep Your Good Emails