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Nov 9, 2020

I had someone ask me about starting a podcast. They wanted to "Stand Out" without "Niching Down." The easiest way to stand out is to Niche down. When you do a show like We Have Cancer, Adoptees On, or the Chameleon Breeder, you get providing information that people can't get anyplace else. You end up with a smaller audience size, but a more engaged audience.

Podcasting is Closer to Cable Television Than Radio

In this clip of "The Loudest Voice," you will hear actor Russel Crowe as Roger Ailes explains how he doesn't want a wide audience. He's is going to purposely make content for a demographic that is being underserved. Roger went on the grow Fox news which dominated cable news for decades.

When you turn on cable, you get channels on cooking, animal sports, outdoors, and none of the channels will get anywhere near the audience of the major networks. However, you will have people like my ex-wife who watch HGTV like her life depended on it.

COVID Took Natalie Kennedy's Job - Podcasting Delivered Her Dream

Today I talk with Natalie Kennedy who is the host of the Anxious Love Podcast. The podcast is where Natalie covers relationship anxiety, ROCD, and upgrading love partnerships-- how to go from DOUBTING your relationship to LOVING it and gushing about your man. You can see where she already has gone from the wide topics of relationships and she niched down. Just like a cable channel. 

The show is for women.

The show is for women having an issue with their relationships.

The show is for women who are doubting their relationships and worried about commitment.

Today you will hear:

00:58 Podcasting is Closer To Cable TV Than Radio
06:09 Natalie Kennedy Interview
07:13 Natalie Knows Her Niche
09:53 How She Picked Her Niche
11:07 Natalie's Transparency and how she describes her services
12:03 Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
13:37 Proof Of Concept - She had people asking for her services before she offered them.
15:45 Starting Her Podcast
16:41 How Many Episodes Does She Have? - This all happened really fast.
16:55 Is the Podcast Bringing in Clients? - ( spoiler - yes it is !)
17:21 Coaching Insights - How she gets people to open up.
18:45 You Don't Have to Know Everything - Just more than your clients.
19:37 How is Her Business Doing?
20:19 Pivots Don't Kill You 
21:00 When Your Message Differs From Mainstream ( this is how you stand out). 

Find Natalie at


23:05 Apple Holiday Break 

November 22 to December 2
December 23 to January 2

Mistakes Breed Confidence

24:20 If you wait until things are 100% perfect, you'll never launch. Mistakes (are still something we want to avoid) leave to growth. I just moved, and the house is old, and I learned how to fix holes in walls. I hired a contractor who makes a mistake. Did I freak out? No. My experience with fixing previous holes help me stay calm, and I knew what to do. When you make a mistake, realizing you are growing as a person (or you can hire a mentor to help you avoid them, and learn that way).

How Long Does it Take To Make Money with a Podcast?

25:22 I get this question all the time. In my travels, I started seeing an answer that start to appear, and reappear over and over. That answer is three years. Obviously Natalie today beat that record. Why do I tell people three years? I started making snippets every time I hear that answer. I forgot to write down who the first clip is. The other three are from

Content Heroes Podcast. (Alex Nerney episode)

The Business of Podcasting (Gert Mellak interview )

Dave from the Cigar Authority, on Ask the Podcast Coach. 

Dave's book David VS Goliath

What To Do When You are Face to Face with Your Audience

28:33 Just a quick clip showing that I practice what I preach, and when you have a listener in front of you take advantage.

Zoom Podtrak P8 Follow Up

30:23 I talked about the Zoom Podtrak P8 in my last episode. I had mentioned that there was an issue with a noise in the headphones. That is definitely an issue. Also, there is no timer count down for the jingle buttons. This makes "talking up" any kind of music a real challenge.

Join the School of Podcasting Worry Free

33:20 You can try the private Facebook group, go through the step-by-step videos, and even attend one of the group coaching sessions, and any time in the first 30 days if you're not happy, you can stop and I will refund your money. Go to

Natalie's Top Relationship Tip
33:22 I asked Natalie what she sees the most when it comes to her clients in regards to relationship issues. She has a really, really good answer.

Coming Attractions

36:15 I will be showing you how to convert your RSS feed into an Excel Spreadsheet on my YouTube Channel

I will be interviewing Rob Coste who ended up working with a MAJOR company that will make you say WOA!