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May 8, 2023

I have a few ideas that I have put together, as they are all short ideas. The goal is to help you grow your show, and hook your listeners. 

Creating Better Episode Titles For Your Podcast



More Headline Training from NPR


What is Global Rank?
This podcast is one of the top 0.5% most popular shows out of 3,100,277 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score).

According to their site:
* Other websites / apps may claim that they have way more than 3,100,277 podcasts in their database. This is because they inflate the number by including A LOT of 1) podcasts that were already deleted long time ago; 2) super low-quality podcasts (e.g., no episodes at all, only one 10-second episode in the RSS feed for testing, or machine-generated audio); 3) non-audio contents distributed via rss (e.g., RSS feeds with only PDF files, not audio). On the other hand, we deploy automatic scripts (24/7) and human moderators (daily) to clean up data. We try our best to minimize the number of such bad "podcasts" in our database.

I still find it interesting that my friend's show which had its last real episode in 2015, has a ranking of 42 out of 100, and is in the top 1.5%

So I'm still a little blurry on how those stats are calculated..


00:00:00 - Table of Contents 
00:00:26 - Opening 
00:01:21 - Youtube Music - So Far, Nothing 
00:02:27 - Ashley Carmen Story (
00:03:58 - My Numbers So Far 
00:06:08 - Youtube is Confusing People 
00:07:28 - Confusion in the Wild (
00:09:09 - Still Bogus 
00:11:44 -  A Very Strange Interview 
00:14:44 - Join the School of Podcasting Community (
00:15:45 - Podcasting Observations Newsletter (
00:15:59 - Create Engaging Episode Titles 
00:16:39 - NPR Episode Title Summary 
00:20:08 - A Great Hook - Daisy Jones and the Six (
00:22:51 - She Podcasts Live ( Use coupon sop
00:23:47 - If Podcasts Were Honest | Honest Ads (
00:24:33 - Question of the month (
00:25:34 - Where Will I Be (
00:26:05 - Join the School of Podcasting (

Join the School of Podcasting

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This month's question is open-ended. This could be software, hardware, etc. What is your favorite tool? What is the thing that has you saying, "Oh, I'm so glad I have this!" What is your favorite tool?

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