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Dec 7, 2020

Today we talk with Mark and Steve from the Podcast Editor Academy. While there are other resources that dive deep into audio, this website covers audio editing and goes deep into the "growing your editing business" side. If you're wondering how you get clients? They have sales scripts and insights from over 6000 editors. You don't have to know everything there is to know about audio to be an editor, and this website can help you start and grow a podcast editing service.

My Favorite Podcast Is - DEADLINE December 14th, 2020


Every year the last episode of the year is made up of listeners (like you) sharing what their favorite podcast is and why (and be sure to mention your podcast as well). The deadline is December 14th, 2020 (next Monday) as it takes me some time to edit them all together.

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Podcast Editor Academy Founders Steve Stewart and Mark Deal

Mark Deal has been helping businesses (especially lawyers) out of Atlanta and is the head of Podcast Atlanta (a HUGE group of podcasters).

Steve Stewart started a financial podcast and started editing his friend's podcasts. This lead to another friend, and another friend which lead to Steve putting his podcast on pause and doing editing full time. He wanted a Facebook group that only talked about post-production so he created one (see ).

Please note that the power of this group is it is clearly defined what they will (and more importantly will not ) talk about in the group. This makes it stand out from other groups, and it is growing at a rapid rate.

The Podcast Editor Academy started with a conference of editors and continues to grow with special speakers, presentations, and roundtables. When I logged in, I was impressed with the smooth transition of content and resources.

If your not sure if you should join the Podcast Editor Academy or Podcast Engineering School. Join the Academy as there is a HUGE discount for the Podcast Engineering School that will pay for the price of the Academy. So you could start with the Academy, and then if needed take a deep dive into audio using the discount for the Engineering School (along with many other discounts).

If you want to start small, join the Facebook group and see what the discussions are like, and then joined the Academy when you're ready and keep up to date by signing up for their newsletter.

Audio Editing Survey

I'm thinking of launching my own editing service (or maybe include it as part of a package). As I always talk about giving your audience what they want, I need to know what you want when it comes to an audio editor (so I can decide if I want to pursue this or not). There is a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Go to

YouTube Video: Set it and Regret it?

If you're using a "show player" from your media host, did you know you're not using blog posts for episodes you are missing a TON of Google Juice and SEO? Check out this video.

Podpage Updates

I interviewed Breden from Podpage back on episode 728 and since then there have been some new features added:

  • Added a "host section" that sows bios of host(s)
  • Added a guest(s) feature so you can see all the guests who have been on the show
  • Added a store to sell products from different resources
  • Added episode signature where you can add text/images/links that appear at the end of every episode. Update it in one place and it updates your website everywhere.


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