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Sep 11, 2023

What works for one podcast may not work for another podcast because their audiences are different. Think of the two female singers, Adele and Pink. The are both authentic, talented singers. One tends to stand on stage, tell stories, and perform in a dress. The other does gymnastics that include floating around the entire outside stadium. Could you see Adele flying around a stadium? 

Instead, know your "WHY" and your "WHO" so you can figure out your WHAT and deliver it authentically in a way that doesn't bore your audience. 

Plus, we'll tackle the ever-elusive topic of measuring success. I'll reveal the strategies and tools I use to track traffic and engagement and the importance of creating engaging content that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Tools To Use To Help You Identify What Works With Your Podcast

Instead of just linking to your website, you can add UTM parameters (this isn't as geeky as it sounds). A UTM is Urchin Traffic Monitor (we really don't care). These parameters can be thought of as leaving a breadcrumb so that when you check Google Analytics you can see where the audience specially came from. I'm currently using Fathom Stats, which are not free but are easier to read and a bit more privacy-focused.

Add UTMs to a Link using the Google UTM Creator

There are parameters you can add that will be seen in your Google Analytics. I have been using Fathom stats as they are easier to understand (it's not free, but I prefer checking out my stats without the frustration of digging through Google Analytics). 

Why I Like Switchy

Switchy is a tool that is currently available for a lifetime deal on App Summo. Not only does this create easy-to-remember links like (which is my affiliate link for the Samson Q2U microphone), but it creates trackable QR codes, and the ability to set UTM parameters and save them as a template. 

When You Can See What Works, You Can QUit Doing Those Actions That Don't

For a while I was putting videos on twitch (primarily known for gaming) and I just didn't any reaction (so I quit wasting my time for now). 

I have videos and screenshots at

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