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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Feb 13, 2023

Mark Herschberg, a tech startup veteran, author of the book The Career Toolkit: Essential Skils for Success That No One Taught You, and MIT professor, set a goal of appearing on 150 podcasts. He pitched over 2000 shows and ended up on close to 350 shows. Mark did it through volume, which is a different strategy than Dave typically preaches. Dave and Mark get together to share their insights to discuss the pet peeves of guests and hosts to uncover the most efficient way to pitch yourself to shows. 

"Focus on how you're delivering value to the audience. If your pitch starts out with the word 'I' too many times in the first paragraph, know what you offer and get to the point - delivering value to the audience is key!"


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 What You Will Learn Today

  • The strategies that Mark uses to make it easy to say YES to having him on your show.
  • How letting your guest know who they are talking to always leads to a better interview.
  • Make your guest comfortable by letting them know what to expect (audio, video, both?).
  • How having example questions makes connecting your expertise to your audience easier.
  • The two questions every guest should ask at the end of the interview
  • What a guest needs to make it easy to share
  • Mark (and Dave) use Podmatch, PodcastGuest and other resources.

For a full list, get the PDF Cheat Sheet Here.


This month's question is from Jacob from the Old Men - New Games. When a host has English as a second language and may occasionally mess up a word or two, Is that a no go? Do you listen, or immediately back out?

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Deadline is 2/24/23

 Where I Will Be?

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