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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Feb 4, 2008

Show #123 Originating at

Today we talk about Promo Swapping. Is it dead? Is it useful? We also talk about making a great promo. We play some promos and ask, "Does this make you want to know more about this show?"

We also get some listener voicemail from Alex the Podcast junky UK and I'm sorry Alex. You are a DUDE. Check out his blog (some great insights from an avid Podcast Listener).


15 Tips for Better Podcast Promos

1. Get a domain name (no blogspot, no typepad, etc). Use the Godaddy promotional code cooelr3 and get it for 6.95  at
. Put on your marketing hat
3. What is it?
4. Don't Get too Cute
5. Make the First Sentence Count
6. Repeat your pdocast name in a natural tone.
7. Make it Sound Great
8. Let Somone else Hear it
9. Include a Call to Action
10. The Last Impression Shold Be Your Website
11. Save your promo in a quality format
12. Name the File so Podcasters Know What It Is
13.  Test Your Link
14. Pos it On Your Blog
15. Ask

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