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Jun 28, 2017

Even though I asked, "How many strikes do you give a podcast before turning out?" nobody answered with a number. Instead, the answers were "it depends." It sounds that you are going to get more strikes if you are delivering

Contributors to the show

Cliff from

Tim From the Sled Dog Podcast

Jenny from (personal journal podcast)

Kyle from Reckoneer is your #1 resource for the race promoter who didn't major in business.

Darren from (thanks for the shirt!)

Haley from a podcast where Adoptees talk about the adoption experience

Larry from

Sean from Slept in Government Class

Dennis from Evil Podcast

The CUB Approach to Podcast Reviews

CUB stands for is it Confusing, Unbelievable, or Boring. If you have any of these, it's time to edit the show.

Because of My Podcast: Ray Edwards

I attend Ray's copywriting Academy and Ray mentioned how he had a client hire him for a $10,000 job from a podcast Ray puts out for free.

This was part two of episode 572, and originated at

July's Question

What has changed about your show since you started, and why did you make the change? Contact me, and be sure to mention 577

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