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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Charley Valher started a podcast and was "swinging for the fences" and after hiring a team, and putting 50,000 into a marketing budget he realized after a year that the show just wasn't producing the results he needed. Today he shares the mistakes he made, and how he came back to podcasting with new strategies and insights that resulted in his podcast (the business of podcasting) being the number one way her is driving customers to his business at Valher Media

Topics Include:

02:41 Charlie's Services

05:14 Charlies Hired a Team for His First Podcast

07:59 What Was Missing?

10:44 How did you come up with the new formula?

12:19 Position Yourself as the Expert

14:45 Can You Niche Down Too Far?

15:54 Three Ingredients of a Niche

16:40 Charlie's Original Call to Action

18:07 Having the Right Topics

22:11 Was it Hard To Try Again?

25:13 How Long Until You Saw Results?

26:57 How do you pick topics?

29:32 Interviewing Potential Clients

33:22 Did You Make Any Technology Mistakes

34:59 Most Memorable Feedback

39:55 What's Working Now?

40:41 How Do You Grow Your Podcast?

43:04 Insights Into Charlie's Prices

Great Takeaways

Position yourself as an expert 

I want to talk to my audience so they feel like I've been watching them.

When creating a niche, consider the demographic, the service/industry, and if this is for Beginners/Intermediates/Experts

His audience is now quoting the podcast in his approval form. They say things like, "This podcast was made for me." 

The 5o,00 budget did not result in success. You can't buy an audience if your content doesn't connect.

Question of the Month DeadLine 9/25

Right now, I'm obsessed with the word, Interesting. When you hear the word interesting, what comes to your mind? If someone who spoke another language and asked you to explain what Interesting mean, how would you describe it. Feel free to “riff” on your thoughts of interesting, and explain any examples of content you feel is interesting. I need your answer by September 25th, 2020. Submit your answer at

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