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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Feb 5, 2018

Welcome to episode 604 of the School of Podcasting Listen here

Update on the PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer

The last episode I explained how I had purchased at PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer. It's not cheap ($499) but there is an AR8 that is $150 ($350) less. The problem I had was when I record to the built-in SD card, there was a very faint (but noticeable) high pitch whine. In working with tech support that has been resolved and after updating the driver, it seems to have quit freezing up the audio on my computer. All in all, I'm happy with it. This is partially due to me having a DBX 286 which adds extra gain. I am using an Electrovice RE320, and it just seemed odd that I needed to really turn every (almost) all the way up to get things to peak. The fact that these units have built-in SD records can save you from buying a Zoom H1 (or any portable recorder) to get the recording off the computer. The Zoom H1 is typically around $100. Look for the price of the Zoom H1 to go down (more on that later) as they just announced a new Zoom H1n which will be available soon (that unit is geared a bit more towards musicians)

Sponsor: Podcast Movement

I am so looking forward to Podcast Movement. This is the largest Podcast Event that is solely geared toward podcasting. Being face to face with people is the best way to grow your network, and take advantage of all the opportunities. Starting a podcast is a great way to build your network, and coming to an event is like building your network on steroids. I got to talk to Marc Maron a couple of years ago. He just showed up to one of the networking parties, and I said hello and started talking. I can't do that sitting in my chair in my office.

- Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

- Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

- The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

- The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's Jule 23 - 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

Getting Productive With Jess Sanders

I've been listening to The 5 AM Miracle by Jeff Sanders and I'm already taking steps to get more things done. Jeff is been nominated five times for a podcast award and comes highly recommended by some friends. I started listening to his podcast and soon bought his book the 5 AM Miracle on Audible (also available on Amazon)

  • How long did it take him to get his sponsor
  • The difference between his blog audience vs his podcast audience
  • What goes into making an episode
  • How does he pick his subjects
  • Does he make more money selling his own products or sponsorship?
  • Jeff shares how his podcast brought him a book publisher - TWICE
  • Does Jeff have any radio experience?
  • How Jeff inspired his mail carrier who is now a giant fan of his show
  • Why he decided to kill his first podcast
  • What got him hooked on his subject
  • Does he really get up at 5 AM?
  • Jeff's Tips on Getting Focused
  • A simple tip for starting your day in the right direction
  • What is the difference between his first book the 5 AM Miracle and his new Book The Free Time Formula
  • How does he achieve work/life balance?
  • What if you don't have time to write all this stuff down?
  • How do you make yourself go to bed?
  • Jeff has been using wavve to share his podcast, but that's not the thing that's been delivering more listeners
  • How did he approach popular websites to get his show mentioned?
  • Jeff has a TON of bonus content for those that pre-order his book at his website
  • His membership portal is built in Digital Access Pass and Learn Dash
  • What is his favorite Todo List Task Manage?

Why Getting Organized is Important

It only makes sense to go fast when you are headed in the right direction. For me, being somewhat A.D.D. I get new ideas all the time. If you walk into my kitchen, you will find the cabinets open as I have moved on to my next task (eating ) without completing the last 1% of the previous project (closing) so I'm taking some of this year to get more focused, identify what is important to me, and then put the gas pedal down so I'm going fast, in the right direction.

My favorite tools are Todist and Evernote. I'm currently taking a class on getting the most out of Todoist and Evernote. Check out Carl Pullein's channel on YouTube For learning how to use these tools. How did I learn about his channel and content? I told someone I was listening to Jeff's book, and he had been watching Carl's videos. Tell people what you are up to, they may have some great insights.

My favorite example of Todoist is I can read an email and turn it into a to an item. For example, we previously had an episode with Clay Groves from on the show and he was talking about doing appearances. Another listener (who asked to be nameless) wrote in that "When I was in radio, the standard appearance rate was $250 an hour and you couldn't book talent for less than 2 hours. When I got my first speaking contract (for a very large health company) it was $750 for a half day, $1350 for a full day, with expenses and transportation covered. These rates are about 5 years old and may not apply to everyone.. but in case you were wondering.. that's one perspective." I've had that as a "to do" item and when I went into Todoist, I clicked a link and it took me to the actual email in Gmail. 

Great Advice on Growing Your Podcast Audience and Community

Danny Pena has been on this show (amazing interview). He has a documentary coming out in February as he celebrates 13 years in podcast. He appeared on one my favorite shows about podcasting called the New Media Show with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee. It's definitely worth a listen

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