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May 4, 2020

Last year I met Brent Besham and She Podcast Live and hear about Poddit.  In this interview, you'll learn what Poddit is, and how you can use it. 

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Time Table

03:03 Poddit Interview - Brent Basham

14:43 A Guest Questionnaire

22:11 What Podcasters Can Learn From Michael Jordan

24:22 Focus Groups Tips

27:47 Website Webinar May 20th

28:13 Descript is Pretty Cool

31:16 SOP Housekeeping

What is Poddit?

People are using email, they're using Google forms, and we're moving a direction to really try to solve that pain point for podcasters where they can push everything to our platform, use our platform. To coordinate and integrate, like the scheduling and all the different parts of it. It could be the central place for coordination of the interview and all the details and reminders, and there's a lot of things.

The Goal of Poddit?

Poddit wants to be the best way to connect for your next podcast interview. There's a lot of facets to that on each side of the mic and they are exploring and expanding on both sides. 


Poddit Preview Video

Click here to watch the Poddit Preview Video

Your Podcast Website Webinar

This free webinar will cover what you can do on your website, best practices, and some new tools you can use to create a great looking, highly functional website. 

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Question of the Month 

Did you use any kind of focus group for your podcast? If you did what did you learn, if not why not? 

I need your answers by May 22nd, 2020. Be sure to mention your podcast and website (slowly) 


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